What Kpop Has Taught Me...

..사랑해요 그대말을 저 하늘만큼..

How to eat politely:

How to wash your face:

How to be athletic:

How to play guitar:

How to pay attention in class:

How to dance sexily in a club:

How to do cool bird calls:

How to succeed in everyday life:

How to be polite to your elders:

How to get along with your siblings:

How to respect others while they’re talking:

How to apply makeup naturally:

How to subtly flirt with someone:

How to have an awesome sleepover:

How to get women pregnant:

How to be culturally sensitive:


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2011-05-17 в 05:28 

Seventeen Forever
я рискую и пью кефир.
How to dance sexily in a club:


..waiting & boring..